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Eastern Star offers four key areas of expertise:

The importance of being well-informed about safety & security issues in today's world is paramount. At ESI, we provide a comprehensive intelligence report on the various geographic locations in which client activity is concentrated and assess the degree of risk, real or potential, which may affect them.

Eastern Star ensures that clients' risk management programmes, new or existing, are on par with the most advanced methods available in order to minimise threats. Experienced personnel conduct comprehensive audits as a way of challenging current programmes and models, and identifying any potential weaknesses in security systems.

An integral part in the formation of our business, Eastern Star provides specialist security operatives to protect client's assets and staff. Our highly trained & skilled personnel have honed their experience in locations as varied as Iraq, Indonesia & the Middle East and are equipped to provide and deal with any level of protection required. Our staff are sourced from military and law enforcement agencies globally and are world-class experts in their respective fields.

For more than 20 years, Eastern Star has provided security & risk reduction strategies and advice, services and training to multi-national companies, international sporting bodies, government agencies, corporate groups and high net-worth individuals who have identified a need to protect their assets.